Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Valentines!

I was trying to figure out something Heather and I could do for Valentines Day, and it hit me, let's hand out Valentine cards to people! We bought 13 boxes of those tiny Valentine cards that Elementary students hand out, filled them out with things like, "to an awesome Portlander," from "two cute girls", and placed them in a basket.

See that basket, we had that filled to the brim. The basket belongs to Heathers mom and I decorated it with some silk flowers I had leftover from other projects.

Heather dressed herself, she was very cold this day.... I did warn her.

Here she is with the basket! I spent most of the time standing with the basket and our stuff in the center of Pioneer Square while Heather ran back and forth handing out Valentines on the street. Not a great idea, you won't believe how many people think your selling stuff when you do that.

Despite that we were out of Valentines in under two hours. There were about 200 of them give or take, so I hope we made some people happy. We're hoping to do this again next year. I want more valentines and a sign that says 'Free Valentines' on it so people know what were about and stop asking things like "is it a cupon?"

Pretending to hand out a the valentines we were technically out of by this point. I got interviewed by a reporter this day and was on the news that evening. I haven't been able to find the video anywhere but if I do I'll post it.

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich after a long hard day.


  1. Looks like fun! Wish I could see the news bit about it... What did they ask you about?

  2. Randall bought the video for me. So I'll see if I can't post it for you somewhere.

  3. That's so sweet. I'd be up for helping you with that next year. I watched KGW News all that night, (okay, fast-forwarded through it)and didn't see the story. That made me sad. But you look adorable in your Valentines Day outfit.

  4. Very cool, we would love to have you next year^^.