Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Wear: Valentines

For Valentines I went super sweet Lolita.

Big falsies, rhinestones, and a painted heart. It's almost Ganguro, I put some blush on my nose, it looks super cute with the pink wig. I'm also using Aromaleigh finishing powder in English Rose.

The eyeshadow is Aromaleigh Flying Flower, Aphrodite, and Pink Fingers. The heart is Hot Stuff eyeshadow.

I actually worked very hard on the wig in the weeks before Valentines. It's on the older side and it's super hard to brush a wig that long and curly. So I washed it, cut out a bunch of the tangles brushed it out and re-curled it. Then I put it in pig tails, sooo cute!

Being silly. Maybe you remember my strawberry cake lolita jumper skirt. I wore my pink sweater over it to keep me warm, plus the red scarf Randall got me for Christmas and attached the fabric flower pin to that.

With my Valentines basket, it was filled with valentines only several hours earlier. Wearing boots was smart, and then leggings instead of tights to keep warm.

So that's what I was wearing. What I was doing is coming soon!


  1. I love the red trim on the skirt, it goes really well with the cake fabric- makes the strawberries pop more. Very cute!