Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slappy Cakes

Teal is trying to get as much pancake time in as possible before she leaves for Korea. Her newly discovered favorite haunt is Slappy Cakes a Portland eatery that allows you to make your own pancakes on the table in front of you.

Teal maybe has a bit too much fun with the batter.

They do serve other breakfast items, and you can have your pancakes made for you if you choose. They also have an extensive drink menu, and by drinks I mean alcoholic, weird right? I had a Kiddie Creamsicle which is non-alcoholic and is made with orange juice, vanilla syrup, and soda. It's super delicious.

Looks cute but doesn't flip well.

The batter comes in squeeze bottles so when you flip you get a swirly patterns. We are eating Sweet Potato batter pancakes which are AMAZING! I do not normally care about pancakes, If someone is nice enough to make them for me I will eat one, but I'd rather have something else. But I LOVE Sweet Potato pancakes, all others are dead to me.

You can order sweet or savory toppings to cook in your pancake. We got blueberries, apples, and goat cheese. When you cook something like cheese in a pancake you have to put more batter over top of it. That's how the above pancake ended up looking like a turtle. There are toppings like butter, jam, and maple syrup served with it but you can order extra topping too and we got lemon curd which was dreamy.


  1. Mmm, wish I could eat it again! I want to try and make some at home sometime, but it won't be the same without the good cheese and bacon :(

  2. I think I only care about goat cheese and apples. But lemon curd is really good.

  3. I am glad my art got it's own post. I feel it was well deserved.