Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Army of Love: Makeup

My makeup look for the new Sugarpill contest. The theme is something akin to adorable war paint, I love it and totally can't do the theme justice, won't stop me from trying though.

Here you can see how gold the makeup looks, plus I placed rhinestones on, one of my favorite thing about this contest is that almost everyone is using rhinestones in their makeup looks which is super fun! I want random face rhinestones to be appropriate for everyday attire.

Makeup is Aromaleigh because I don't own any Sugarpill *is sad*.

Wonky eyelash *sigh* Colors are White Wedding, Scilencio, Aparecium, and Hades.

I love that you can see my ears in this picture. Kerli is an elf for part of the video, it was cute. My ears aren't as sweet, they don't stick out enough. If you're interested I bought them from Aradani Studios, they make several different kinds of elf, goblin, and hobbit ears. They are very light and durable.

The video also is very, very white in terms of clothing and accessories. I tried to go with that, but as it turns out I don't own a whole lot of white. Go figure.

One of the things people have been doing with the contest is designating army posts for themselves like Nurse, Sergent, etc.. I don't know what I would be, maybe Supply Clerk? The Army of Loves Radar O'Riley?

See that dangley on my head? That's just an earring I hooked onto my wig. Pretty sweet, no?

I had a lot of fun with this makeup look, I'm looking forward to seeing who wins!


  1. I love this makeup! And thanks for posting the link to the website for the ears, they are amazing. My elf ears are crappy and they cost double the amount the ones on the site do.

  2. Wow, cool! I would've entered but I don't have any models and I wanted it to not be lopsided (stupid astigmatism!) so...

    When we were freshmen in high school, my friend Erin sculpted her own elf ears since she couldn't find any good ones. They were the wrong color and a bit lumpy but it was cool- she came to school on Halloween dressed as Galadriel!

  3. Skulda: I don't think you'll be disappointed if you decide to buy from them, you do have to glue them to your ear, but small price to pay for awesomeness.

    dull flame: Don't forget to vote though okay! I believe it's gonna start sometime tonight.

    Also super cool to make your own ears. I was not allowed to do much sculpting in school cause I kept slicing my fingers open... I seem to to a little better now.

  4. I just voted for you!

    And... Holy crap. Some of those were great, but a lot of them were less than impressive. I was under the impression it should still look like makeup, not random sh*t painted all over your face.

  5. Aww thank you, you didn't have to vote for me. I'm not sure the rules for the contest were very clear, but they may have left it that way on purpose.

  6. Well, it allows for more creativity I guess, but I don't think smudging five shades of pink all over your face and calling it "camo" is very creative. Maybe I should've gone ahead and done something if the competition was so... limp? What's the opposite of "stiff competition"? :P

  7. Flaccid competition?

    But there are some really neat looks in there. You just have to wade through some of the 'other' stuff.

  8. Yeah, there was a lot of cool stuff. I can't wait to go to makeup school...