Friday, April 8, 2011

Beautiful Women

I'd like to introduce you all, to five women I am forever ashamed to have not grown up looking like. These are women I admire not only for their looks but also for their careers or maybe the choices they've made in their life, and for always remaining true to themselves and their own sense of style.

First up Miss Mosh

I guess you would consider Mosh a fetish model even though that's not all she does, but it's what she's most famous for she even opened her own pay website The Mosh Room (get it?). Everything about her is super sexy, the hooded eyes, huge lips, all the curves, and my god those legs! It boggles the mind to think she had the good fortune to just be born that way. Fun fact, my friend Danielle June who used to cut my hair when I lived in CA, and still cuts the hair for all the female members on my moms side of the family did the hair for Mosh in this shot. Makes me still wish I lived in California... almost, I really adore Portland.

Woah! one extreme to the other almost. Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of classy elegance to me. Her eyes are so huge, the rest of her features are so delicate, she looks like she's cut out of glass. Her voice had a wonderful lilt to it that always seemed very romantic, and she maintained an amazing poise throughout her life that I myself, and I think many people, admire to this day.

I've loved Anne Hathaway since "The Princess Diary's". At first I just thought maybe I felt drawn to her because I related to the story so much, I too was a social reject with frizzy hair, and unruly eyebrows. But as her career progressed, (and I started to pluck) I knew it was just that I liked her. She is just so beautiful and expressive, her smile takes over her whole face it's blinding. I like her movie choices as well, she's considered a serious actress but she's not afraid to take on fun, goofy roles.

Umu-chan is a Japanese fashion idol. Maybe it's a weird choice for this list, but I just think she's so cute even without all the sweet lolita trims like wigs and faux eyelashes. Her face is super round and loveable, and her mouth is a tiny little curve. She has an admirable fashion sense, and goes to school for graphic design.

Honorable mention: The truth is I don't know that much about Emily Browning but every time I see her I swoon. It's completely unfair how perfect her features are, her face is just perfectly sculpted and gorgeous, her eyes are intense, she looks good in any hair color. So unfair, right? *sigh*


  1. Sure they are gorgeous women... But so are you! Don't forget people are paid to help them look the best they can be 24/7

  2. That's totally true! Thank you^^, don't worry I still like the way I look too.

  3. Totally agree on Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful, elegant, smart, wore some really awesome clothes... Plus she was an amazing person.

    Also Miss Mosh... Super hot! I kinda thought that photo was CG at first, lol.

  4. I've had a girl-crush on Mosh for years!

  5. Girl-crushes are the best kind! ;)