Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Spoonflower

After months of drooling over it I finally broke down and ordered 4 yards of "The Black Forest" print from in quilting weight cotton at 18$ a yard. I would have loved to have bought cotton sateen, but I just couldn't afford 27$ a yard.

Isn't this print amazing? I recognize Red Riding Hood, The Baba Yaga, and Hansel and Gretel but not the fairy tale with the bear, if anyone recognizes it please let me know, I'm very curious. The print was designed by ceranirminge who does amazing work. He's got some other prints I'm interested in too "The Firebird", and "Tree Party", would both make lovely dresses but I'll focus on what I have right now. Oh did I mention I'm planning on turning this into my new gothic lolita dress.

I had a bit of trouble with my order, it states on the website that fabric is usually ready to ship after 11 days, so when 2 weeks had gone by with no shipping conformation I sent a message asking Spoonflower where my fabric was. I was absolutely delighted with how quickly they got back to me. They mentioned they were running slowly right now because of how many orders they had been getting recently but they would get on my order right away and ship it to me using next day shipping. It was great!

However I have to say that if they had just messaged me as soon as they knew orders were going to be going out late they could have saved themselves some trouble. I didn't mind that it was late, I just wanted to know when it would be here.

The fabric came nicely folded wrapped in tissue paper and a Spoonflower square. It also came with washing directions which is awesome! Way to think ahead Spoonflower.

And here's my fabric! I put my hand down so you can tell how big the print is. I'm relived, I was worried the print would be too small but this is perfect. It's not as vibrant as I had hopped, but that might just be the fabric itself being very thin, I might use red lining and hopefully that will make it pop more. But the print itself is pristine no overlap of bleeds that I've noticed.

I have plans to make a dress similar to the style of Angelic Pretty's "Holy Night Story" military style jumper skirt, and it will be my first Gothic style dress so I'm excited. I'm hoping I'll have enough fabric left over to commission a bonnet from someone too.

Edit: Completed dress can be found here.


  1. That print rocks! I'm really looking forward to seeing the dress you make with it. I like the "military" bodice on the ref pic, I think it'll look kinda Germanic which will go nicely with the fairy tale theme.

    Too bad the sateen was so expensive! I always go for that over quilter's cotton, the weight is so much nicer.

  2. I know right! I'm super excited to get started, but I want to get a few more things before hand.

    Yeah 27$ a yard is terrifying. But I think the quilters cotton will look just fine once I put some lining under it.

  3. I've had my eye on that print too. It is really stunning. I'm so glad you introduced me to Spoonflower! If I ever get back into the costume making seriously I want to order some prints from them.
    I agree that it needs lining underneath it. I can't wait to see the final product!

  4. I also meant to say that I love his Firebird too. I also love the Moon Rabbit (which is new from him and absolutely lovely) and I think the Turrets Syndrome would look amazing as a lolita skirt.
    I also liked his take on Rococo. I mean who would have thought to pair Rococo and pirates?
    I think it's his immense creativity as well as talent that makes him so amazing.
    BTW I'm going to go look at all the contests I missed. I see a squid one I'm excited about. :)

  5. I'm super excited to get the dress done. But I'm pacing myself. I don't want to give over excited until I have everything I need.
    Maybe you can make your own Lolita with "The Black Forest" and we can to twinsies. And make one for Rose too....Okay wishful thinking.