Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Etsy Review: Ink & Paint

Ink & Paint is another one of those etsy companies I've had my eye on for awhile, it's a good example of a company doing one thing and doing it well. It first landed on my radar a few years ago when a pale blue cameo with an old picture of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin landed in my Suggested Shops page. It was super cute but sold before I could get my greedy hands on it, after that I was a constant browser of the shop, I liked the Glinda, Last Unicorn, and Van Gogh pieces and thought about purchasing one of those, but in the end I'd rather have a piece that meant something to me. So I opted for something custom made.

After that decision was made it got more complicated, what picture did I want to use? What colors? Something dark or light? What did I want to be able to wear it with? It was down to two pictures.

First up Kamui from X/1999. X was my first taste of CLAMP and holds a very special place in my heart. I chose this picture because of all the red in it (though most pictures of Kamui include plenty of red) because I thought I might want a piece that could go with a new Lolita dress currently in the making, but also the sword hilt is quite close to his face and would make for some good visual interest in a cameo.

My second picture choice was of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. He my favorite character and this is a beautiful image from the opening sequence of Kingdom Hearts II. Right before Namine puts him into the deep sleep. I like this idea cause he could constantly looks like he was trying to escape from my pin.

In the end I couldn't choose so I got both. I sent Julia a message with the pictures, resin and rhinestone color suggestions. I wanted both of them to be broaches, but I wanted Kamui to be in what is normally the pendant setting, and then I wanted Sora in the broach setting but laying on his side. I asked her if that would be okay.

This is where customer service got really awesome. She said all those things would be fine, and instead of just catering to me we had a conversation about colors which I love. And she put together a mock up of what my pieces might look like when she's done.

First the quick mock up of Kamui which she set on a pendant setting similar to what I was asking for. Julia mentioned having the larger rhinestones as a smoked topaz to bring out the color of the sword. I never think of stuff like that, it's crazy.

I gasped when I saw the mock up of Sora. I'm not just saying that, I actually gasped, it's so pretty. I originally thought about using light gray stones on this, but when I saw the mock up with the light amethyst and Julia thought it might bring out Soras skin tone I changed my mind.

She finished Kamui first, and sent me a picture of the final product. The pendant hook was not actually attached and she said so in the message she sent the picture in.

Sora came out dark in this picture cause she took a quick photo before packaging it up, but it looks just fine in life. Julia had to make Sora twice because the first one got an air bubble in it.

The broaches were sent USPS in a basic mailer box. It was actually huge compared to the product, and wrapped in tissue paper.

Each broach came in a little organza bag. Julia included a banana split Dumdum which I promptly unwrapped and stuck in my mouth. There was also a note that said...

Thank you so much for your Ink & Paint purchases! I had fun making them and I hope they're just what you wanted.
Cheers and enjoy,

I love them!

They're quite thin and light, but sturdy. The rhinestones are placed on perfectly and are super glittery in life. Also she must have access to the best printer ever cause both Kamui and Soras pictures were pristine. Except the stones the whole thing is coated in a clear varnish that was a sort of rubbery feel, and my only complaint is the it's especially sticky on my Sora pin and is constantly attracting dust.

I would defiantly buy again, in fact I already have big plans for a charm bracelet when I have money again. My big plans do often go by the way side so we'll see. Fo now I'm just really happy with what I do have.

Edit: Julia contacted me recently about the stickiness on Sora and explained about her process then offered to let me send it back for a newer coat. How good can customer service get? I mean to offer assistance so long after the exchange process has been met. Oh yes I will definatly be buying from ink&paint in the future.

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