Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Sakura

Le Gothique had a makeup contest, if you didn't know, so I tried my hand at it, the entries were beautiful and I didn't win but I did like giving it a shot. The contest rules stated that we shouldn't use the makeup look anywhere else, which I assume was just a safety against people plugging the same look into several different contests and not for those of us who wanted to share the look with our readers. But I felt it was better to be safe then sorry and wait for the contest to be over before I decide to post pictures here.

Products Used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Chaotic Evil
Aromaleigh Crescent
Aromaleigh Perihellion
Aromaleigh Fanclub
Aromaleigh Flying Flower
Aromaleigh Pink Fingers
Aromaleigh Green Hell
Aromaleigh Menta
Rimmel Soft Kohl Pure White

Aromaleigh Voile N1
Aromaleigh Finishing Powder English Rose
Flirt Blush Sweet Surrender

Smashbox Lip Pencil in Fair
Morgana Cryptoria Roses & Violets

Several contestants had gone with sakura branches stretching across the sides of their faces. I wanted to do flowers, but still something different so I went with something akin to the 70's Flower Power looks that were popular at that time, with my own touches of course.

Sing me to sleep.