Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roses Going Away Party

Oh my goodness this was a bit of a nightmare for me, not the party itself but getting it ready for you see Heather and Rose should have been planning this thing. Unfortunately there was no communication between the two, so the night before the party I called Rose to ask what was going on and she didn't know. Normally I would say the fault lay with Rose since she hasn't been good at calling me back lately, but I called Heather three times that evening and she NEVER called me back. And I know she wasn't incommunicado since she was texting Randall just fine.

Real quick I asked Rose where she wanted to eat, made reservations, and tried to get in contact with everyone who even kinda knew Rose. It was super last minute so most people had previous engagements, but I managed to get together a pretty good group and we all met at Marrakesh a Moroccan Restaurant on 21st St.

Katherine and I sat on stools, it really wasn't very comfortable after a long day of teaching kids CPR. I can see if you had been raised that way you might be used to it, but after three hours my back was killing me.

There was sword fighting.

Love this picture!

Belly dancing.

Soup noshing.

And many other random things. We had like 8 courses, Moroccan food isn't bad, it's maybe too sweet for me, I defiantly prefer Indian food which is the mother cuisine of Morocco.

Example 1 B'stilla Royale, ground chicken, almonds, and egg wrapped in phyllo dough. Which would be very good. However this recipe is traditionally served dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Sweet and savory together is again not bad, let me reiterate, this was a tasty dish. But I still like other things better.

The devastation, oh the vast emptiness!

Marrakesh is pretty good, the food is tasty, and if you like most Indian food but not the spice Moroccan is defiantly for you. They'll give you silverware if you ask for it, although the service becomes terrible when it starts getting busy, but it's honestly not the waitress fault if the company doesn't hire enough help.

Rose is in Texas now, I'm gonna miss her terribly I hope she stays in contact but with a baby to take care of it's hard to complain if she doesn't. I wish her all the best and the hopes of finding some decent ramen in the lone star state.

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