Friday, May 6, 2011

Etsy: Manisteeriverrat

Just a quick review of an Etsy shop that sells buttons and a few other things but mostly buttons, something I needed to go with my new gothic lolita dress since I couldn't find ones I liked better anywhere else I set my heart on these.

This is my picture of the buttons next to a dime, you can find the original post here that explains their color, and that they are around 1/2 an inch, and that they are self shank. After much consideration I found the post kind of vague. For instance I thought these buttons would be metal and they are plastic. Not that it takes anything away from how pretty they are but it was a bit of a surprise, and maybe a little disappointing.

After lusting after these buttons for a few months when I finally got around to buying them and I realized they don't take Paypal. They do take Google checkout, but I was annoyed cause I had money in my Paypal account that I wanted to spend, and honestly when it comes to buying stuff through etsy Paypal is just easier.

Lastly shipping was quick, but I never got a notice that anything was being sent. The buttons were placed in one of those flip top sandwich bags oddly enough. Wrapped in tissue paper and then placed in a plain old envelope. I might be jaded over the amazing, personal, and often overly complicated shipping methods of other etsy shops, but this did seem kinda lame.

Overall I might buy from Manisteeriverrat again, but only as a last resort because the store does have a lot of really cute buttons. My recommendations are more detailed posts and try to think up a classier shipping method. Mineral makeup companies have tiny plastic bags, pick some of those up, much less trailer trash then sandwich bags.

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