Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tulip Fields

After the Lilac Gardens we traveled just a few miles down to the tulip fields, which I used to go to with my mother when I was a teenager, it's changed up a bit since then. There's a separate part of the field specifically for people to walk through, with all the different species of tulips they sell there and the names of them.

We had more luck with the tulips field in full bloom, isn't it beautiful?

In the public area. Don't let this picture fool you, it was raining on and off pretty hard.

Do I look super weird? How can the sun be in my eyes and yet my glasses covered in raindrops, what sense does that make!

Brenna is cuter then me. I want to be a cuter flower too!

This species is so bright, though I can't recall the name.

Yep you read that sign right, this species is called "Fabio." LOL

These lovely pink flowers are called Parrot Salmon. Salmon because of their color, and Parrot because the edges are slightly feathered. Please open this picture in another window to get a better close up of the petals.

For all you Lolita out there, a species of bright red tulip called Rococo.

These orange ones are called "Princess Irene", they are beautiful and my absolute favorites.

A strange mix of purple, pink, orange, with yellow edges, and almost teal colored leaves. "Princess Irene" is a strange and amazing breed.

After about 10 minutes in the fields a loud cannon began booming loudly from an area we couldn't pin point. It was like a sonic boom 5 seconds and then another, one right after another. It was still going when we left and we stayed another half an hour afterward. We found out it was an anti-hail machine sending sound waves into the skies to bread up any ice particles that may or may not have been up there.

Clogs and Tulips go together like steak and onions. These didn't fit and made us looks like Mickey Mouse though. So much for my dreams of becoming a cute little Swedish girl!

After being frozen, drenched, and having our eardrums blown out we decided we deserved some tasty sustenance at the Japanese Crepe place, we both got the chicken teriyaki savory crepe, and then our preferred sweet style crepes. Brenna is eating her Harajuku Sweet crepe with strawberries, anko, and green tea ice cream.

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