Monday, May 2, 2011

Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens

Supposedly it's Lilac Days in Woodland, however like much of the country the Lilacs are behind on their blooming schedule and were not well represented in the gardens on this day. It was still a lovely place though despite being bombarded with rain most of the time we were there. We might try going back later when it's nicer.

My friend Brenna joined me, I think she may have gotten more out of this trip then me, She really likes taking pictures of flowers. I met her during a photoshoot awhile back, she was one of 3 other models that showed up. Horray for meeting new people!

Kiarra Japanese Rose, probably my favorite plant in the garden, it was in a beautiful full bloom and about 6 feet tall. I also loved that the flowers bloomed consistently from the top to the bottom of the plant.

Tulips, but we went to see more tulips later this day, so look for that in a later post.

Most of the lilac had only a sparse sprinkling of open buds, this one had the most open flowers out of all the lilac in the garden. And trust me there was a lot of lilac in the gardens. Our theory was that the shed reflected extra light so they got more sun then the rest of the flowers in the garden.

Hulda spent a large portion of her life creating different hybrid Lilacs for scent, or longevity, size, you name it. She developed over 250 varieties with names like Tinkerbell, City of Longview, and Miss Kim.

Along with the gardens much of the grounds have been preserved including the windmill and the water tower which they are currently collecting money to restore. Though it looks cool and post-apocalyptic as is.

Cute little oven, bet you couldn't fit a turkey in that door though.

Had to take a picture of that sewing table! I have an old Singer sewing machine that looks kinda like this one but with art deco Egyptian motifs. My Brother sewing machine just looks so plain in comparison, oh how I wish sewing machines still looked like jewelry.

Who's that girl in the mirror? Spooky! Wash table in the main bedroom, which was pretty but this place still had a Hill House feel to it.


  1. Singers really used to be a work of art. I don´t know why they don´t do something with the ugly ones they have nowadays. They don´t even do them in different colors. Next time I think I will paint mine!

  2. That's not a bad idea actually. How long do you think the paint would hold up?