Monday, July 18, 2011

Libre Tea Review

YES! I've been meaning to buy one of these for some time, it wasn't something I needed though so I continued to put it off, I finally got fed up with myself and bought the large glass n' poly model. I am amazingly happy with it!

I love it so much I've named it Eames! The outside is poly-carbonate, and the inside is glass and it has two water tight screw top lids. Libre Tea makes several different items for those who want to take their tea on the go. They've got a finer filter I might be interested in.

Of the very few minor problems I have with Eames is that often the lid is too tight and my hands are not big enough to unscrew it. The lid, which is very pretty, is smooth all the way around and that makes it difficult to grab purchase. And then also when removing the leaves I'm never able to get all the liquid from the top and often end up making a mess. I'm sure I'll become better with that part though.

You can see some of the tea falls though the filter on this one. It's pretty common, but still I would like the finer filter. The first lid you can see in the picture is where you place the tea to steep. You pour hot water inside and screw the top lid on and turn it upside down, when it's done you toss the leaves and you have a lovely thermos of tea.

Also, the lid is rainbow, I love you Eames!

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