Friday, August 12, 2011

Ginger Pop

Becky invited me to her new favorite Thai restaurant the other day Ginger Pop, which is a freaking adorable name with an equally cute elephant mascot. We all got specialty drinks, Becky got Thai Iced Coffee. You can also kinda see she's wearing some of my Betsey Johnson jewelry. She asked to borrow it for the evening which was cool, nobody ever asks to borrow my stuff. Which is weird because I'm one of those people who's really okay with letting others borrow my things.

Mike with his Ginger Hibiscus Iced Tea, really, really tasty.

I got a Thai Ice Tea which was really super sweet. I mean it usually is but this was particularly cloying this day. Eventually Mike switched his drink with mine, which was nice of him.

After our dinner Ginger Pop had some french macaroons that we had to give a try. They were pretty good but the filling was cream cheese and was pretty strong compared to the delicate tasting shell.

After dinner we found an open bakery and had cakey awesome dessert.

I had an orange creamsicle cake, but once again it's lovely orange flavor was covered by the use of cream cheese frosting.

Becky and Mike, say it with me folks. AWWWwwww!

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