Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evening Tea Party

I've been thinking about an outdoor night time tea party since winter and about a month ago I started putting my thoughts into action.

I'm a bit of a girl scout when it comes to planning stuff. I always want to make sure I have everything I'm ever going to need. I bought citronella candels, baby wipes, a butane powered camping stove to heat the water in. In fact everything you seen in the above picture I brought with me. Although my camping stove is excluded since I wanted to keep it away from stuff it might set on fire.

Teacups all in a nice little row, and you can see my giant basket of teas to the left. There's organic sugar, half and half, and two different types of honey to put in the tea. Under the big foil lumps are mountains of cucumber sandwiches.

I bought Adagios loose leaf tea bags and showed everyone how to use them, they're great for creating blends.

Drinking tea from my favorite cup, Cimorene.

Box O' Sweets the top layer was filled with Almond White Chocolate meringue, then tootsie pops, and my own hand made sweetener spoons.

The spoons were super cute and worked better then I expected.

Mike and Becky, and Glorias coworker Jess were among the first to arrive.

Missy and Stean brought their dog Finn, so cute!

Totem pole!

Seth and Miriam dressed kind of Hysteric Victorian.

I like random table shots I have a ton of these actually, this was just my favorite cause Jess looks so haughty in the background.

Kitty, who I haven't seen in forever since she's been away at college, and Nate.

Nates adorable sister Emily.

After cleaning up a group of us hung out at Gloria and Shannons apartment for some down time. After about an hour most people split but Randall, Shannon, and I headed for the Hawthorne Food Carts, which are open till 3 am.


  1. Aww, that looks like so much fun! I wish we were there to dress up and have tea parties with you... T_T

    Glad you finally got to have your party though! Looks like it went well.

  2. Everything went very smoothly I think the party went quite well.