Friday, August 19, 2011

Daily Wear: Evening Tea Party

I've been working on this dress since February, not continuously obviously. Just on and off as something to do when I wasn't working on some more pressing project.

Here I am making my super weird excited for tea face!
It's a strapless lolita dress, are there strapless lolita dresses? If there wasn't before I guess there is now, it's just perfect for summer. Teal gave me the bubble fabric before she left for Korea, I was going to go sort of big top tent circus with it and I wanted to sew puff ball fringe on the bottom, but damned if I couldn't find any that I liked. I ended up going with the pastel green trim you can see at the bottom, it's LITERALLY Tinkerbell brand lace. So random...

I enjoyed creating the front lacing for this dress and well as the under bust bow that you really can't see in any of the pictures but it's probably my favorite part of the dress.

Aaahh my hair is supper fluffy and awesome, I totally want to do that all the time now! Though it did deflate throughout the night some pins would keep it up nicely.

My eyeshadow was being weird this day, does anyone know if Pixie Epoxy goes bad? It was weird, I've never had an issue before. I used three colors from Aromaleighs Opulent Lusters collection in Mandarin, Azalea, and Lotus. With Marigold as a highlight on the inner corner.

It was really pretty when I kept my eyes open.

Okay it's not bad like this.

I'm a little bit addicted to the super cute Japanese Mystery Box particularly the ones by Re-Ment. I had to figure out something to do with them, and hanging them on a necklace was better then having them clutter up my closets.

Winnie the Pooh watch I picked up at the Dollar Store, there was a pink and a pastel green one too, but I liked the picture on this periwinkle one the best. I died over the course of the evening, but it WAS only a dollar.


  1. Super-cute! I love the colours of your dress. Thanks for sharing :D