Friday, September 9, 2011

Going Around the Bend

The view outside the house.

My fathers side of the family used to take spring and summer vacations together when we were young. One of them was to rent a series of three town houses in Sun River which is just past Bend Oregon in the high desert. What you didn't know Oregon had deserts? Well we do, and they are very desert-y.

I never had fun in Sun River as a child, even though often the trips landed on my birthday. I never felt well, and slept on a tiny chair in the TV room cause my only other choice was sharing a bed with my brother. Lame....

The family that owned the town homes sold two of them and my dad decided to rent the third for two weeks. Dad and Cath had different members of their friends and family visiting them in that period, I came for three days on the tail end of their vacation on my own. I didn't really do much besides laze around and eat smoked tuna, so this post will be picture heavy, type light.

Doesn't that look nice? It's private property but I'd bring my laptop and tea out there and blog if I could.

Cath acting weird. Okay I made her do this, but both she and my dad were more then a little tipsy at this point.

DUCKS! Cute and tasty.


This is not an error screen, this is what the sky looked like the whole time I was there.

It's adults only from noon to 1 each day. Dad and Catherine did this pretty much every day.

Swimming is involved too of course. I didn't do much of it myself, chlorine does terrible things to my skin.

Pool is the color of my toes!

Huge-normous Dragonflies kept landing on us. This one decided he liked me and stayed for a good long while before I shook him off.

Lazeing about listening to my tunes. I got a weird sunburn this day, just thought you should know.


COWS! Driving home I grabbed some shots of the desert. Okay the background is desert, the foreground is farmland.

Lots of forest fires this year, here's a burnt out bit that spanned for miles, in fact....

See that? It's not a cloud, I assume it's either smoke, or steam from putting the fires out. Later on I went through a town completely covered in smoke. it was as if I had entered in a horror movie.

Anyway, that was basically my trip, later!

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  1. Looks nice and relaxing! There's not much better than a pool, drinks and a few days to be lazy. :)