Friday, September 16, 2011

James 1st Birthday

Rose returned from Texas for a short while to be a bridesmaid for our friend Christas wedding. She took the opportunity to celebrate her sons birthday with friends while she was here. James cake looks a little bit like a Cake Wreck doesn't it? But wait...

It's a freaking volcano!

In fact the whole food table was dinosaur themed with blue ranch dip, a mountain of sandwiches, lava cupcakes, strawberry trees dipped in green sugar.

Mmmmm Lava!

Rockin' the dino hats! Gloria wears her hat weirdly.

Shannon is embarrassed.

Rose and Jamil, James is an angry boy.

A few minutes later though he's is rockin' out! Sort of Go go movements, interesting dance choice buddy.

Rose and Kenna

It was really great to be able to celebrate James birthday with everyone. Have an awesome year kiddo!

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