Monday, September 19, 2011

Arika and Roses Day of Food

Okay so for Roses birthday present I told her I would take her to her favorite Portland food spots. Little did I know the danger of that statement, the all consuming need to feed, well opposite really, it was a hot day and we were like, we want to eat everything but we're very, very full and hot. It was hard work eating our way across town. But first...

We had start getting cute-ed up, even James had an awesome outfit change.

Shoujo Mafia onesie! Which was Rose, Maura, and Teals cosplay group Before they left for separate corners of the world.

First stop was Burgatroyd for Crack Burger (A.K.A Garden State Burger), it has lettuce tomato, pickled onions, provolone, and chili aoil.

Rose had to feed James, this is her staring longingly at her Crack Burger, mommy duties come first.

I bought myself a Vanilla Peach rooibos and black tea. I'm not a fan of rooibos but this was quite tasty.

Next stop was a short food break at James old NICU, here he is with some of his old doctors.

At Love Via Crepes for some lovely and delicious Japanese style crepes. I had Nutella Banana, Rose had Cupids Arrow with Blackberry ice cream. After that we took another short break and went to Lush. I bought a few things I'll be reviewing soon so watch for that post.

After our break we went to the Hawthorne Food carts for the "one true fried pie" from Whiffies. We actually got these to go. We also bought a milkshake from the crepe cart there. It was a bit of a struggle not to buy a crepe from them. They're different then the japanese crepes but still really good.

Getting fresh with the pin ball machines at Voodoo Too.

This was our last stop, Voodoo was empty, that is a rare thing.

Although these are donuts you wouldn't mind waiting in line for.

So that was our day, crazy and eventful, full of deliciousness. You know you're jealous, maybe if you come visit I'll take you all over town for the best food too.

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