Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Brazen Cosmetics

I (like many) got in on the Heartsy offer for Brazen. It's not a place I'd ever really thought of buying from before, though they always seem to get stellar reviews for their colors, the style of the website never seemed to do much for me. But Heartsy had a good deal, and I figured "why not", I've told myself that I'm going to start trying a variety of companies. Brazen Cosmetics is a company, LET'S DO THIS!

Products came in a decorated bubble mailer. The 'Thank You!' is on the outside so everyone can see, I like it.

Products came wrapped in a tissue paper in a clear gift bag with black flowers. The eyeshadow and glosses were both vacuum sealed with the eyeshadows having the sticker disc on top of the sifter as well. In short that is some well sealed product, I'm impressed already. I also received 2 eyeshadow samples (in small baggies, my favorite) and 4 red tickets which I think are a part of some sort of monthly drawing.

Passion Pot Lip Glosses
  • Breathless: A frosty nude champagne with pink tones. Smells like mint and even gives my mouth a nice cooling sensation for the first few minutes. It applies a bit patchy but would give a lovely frosty tint over you're choice of lipstick, I like dabbing it in the middle of my lower lip for a 3D effect.
  • Burlesque: Bright hot pink with a blue/purple duochrome, that's quite flattering on me. This shade is similar to Evil Shades Lost Kiss but it's pinker and kind but not quite sheer, it's actually about the same shade I thought Lost Kiss would be. It smells like chocolate cake, in fact I'm pretty sure in the early 90's I had a toy that smelled just like it since every time I sniff it my mind goes back to childhood.
I'm really enjoying Brazens gloss formula it's sticky but not gummy and quite moisturizing. It does last longer then you'd expect a gloss to, but still won't last you through eating so don't expect it to. The only thing I can think of to dislike about them is the packaging. My hatred of balm pots is well documented, and yes I use a lip brush to apply these, but I'm not gonna take my lip brush with me on the go (my purse has enough stuff in it thank you). So if I'm out and about and my Brazen gloss fades that's it until I get home.

LinkFrom Left to Right with the top being Aromaleigh Eye and Lip primer, and the bottom being Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
  • Innuendo: A sort of beige/mauve with gold sparkle.
  • Prowl: Bright tangerine/copper with gold shimmer. Very wearable.
  • Sweet Affair: In any light source this darkish green mellows into a nice spring green because of the bright gold shimmer and gold sparkle.
  • Twisted: A complex dark forest green with blue/green shimmer.
  • Alluring: Bright lake blue with green shimmer and blue sparkle.
As you can see, Brazen shadows need a sticky base for their shimmer to be really apparent, if you don't have Pixie Epoxy (and if you don't what's wrong with you?) you can try foiling them, or applying them wet. Even without PE they're still quite vivid.

So, would I buy from Brazen again? Yes I would! I REALLY like the gloss formula but not the packaging. I'll defiantly have to try their Lipglaze next time since it comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. They're eyeshadow is well formulated and bright, I liked them all but none of these colors made me stand up and take notice. Never the less you can tell that she takes great pride and care in the quality of her products and I would definitely recommend spending your money there.


  1. You should try Darling Girl Cosmetics sometime! Her shadows are gorgeous and I like them as much as I liked Aromaleigh. :)

  2. I'll proably get around to them sooner or later! Thanks for the tip.