Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Cleanse Your Soul

Not enough peanuts and everything was tossed up pretty badly.

Cleanse Your Soul is one of those companies I would not have tried on my own, the website is extremely simple, the products themselves are not as well described as I like, and there's always a 2-3 week TAT. This is supposedly because she makes each item when you order it. Of course I only know this because I've read blog reviews, it says nothing about that on her website.

I decided to buy because Phyrra recommend it, and the lady has good taste. Also have you seen Cleanse Your Souls scent list? It's amazing and well worth trying some dubiously described products for a chance at some of them. It took me all day to narrow down my choices, eventually I had to put the list on a word document and just start removing some till I had a more manageable list.

Behemoth Scrub in Creation
: Jasmine, citrus, cucumber, and mint. But all I smell is Jasmine right off. The citrus did come out when I began applying this stuff to my skin, but not mint or cucumber, still nice however.

Behemoth Scrub in Almond Snowfall: Creamy almond blended with mountain air accord and the tiniest hint of mint. Pretty much as described I can pick out each scent individually and together it's...odd. The mint is quite strong and it's menthol-y.

Behemoth Scrub in New England: Gingerbread, applesauce, and hot tea. Mostly apples and cinnamon.

Behemoth Scrub Sample in Eucapyptus and Spearmint: Yup smells like that, sugary too of course since it's a sugar scrub. The sample tub cracked badly in transit and the outside of all my containers now smells like this.

Behemoth settles, so the sugar on top is powdery, if you try to use it like this you'll lose a lot of product. You'll need to stir it up again, but then you'll also loose a lot of product. My suggestion is put a paper plate underneath while you stir to catch the stuff that falls out, then when you're done fold up the plate so the excess can slide back into the pot.

This is probably obvious but, DON'T get water in the Sugar Scrub container, you'll end up with sharp painful bits instead of nice scrubby bits.

Hair Protein Mist in La Concha: Hibiscus flowers blended with blood orange and passionfruit. The fruity notes of Orange and passionfruit show up quite nicely, the Hibiscus is buried quite deep if it's there at all.

Hair Protein Mist in Lavender Berry Vanilla: Lavender, blackberry, vanilla bean. Not as nice a combo as you might think.

Hair Protein Mist in We Gather Together: Cranberries, oranges, cloves, and nutmeg. The orange is strong in this one and quite bitter at first sniff. Once you spray it the spices come out front and center then it all mellows and blends into a fruity holiday scent.

Shower Lock in Moisturizer in Hushed: Camomile, oatmeal, milk, honey, and vanilla. It might be the camomile but this scent really bothers me. The sweet comes out more once applied but I still just don't care for this.

Soy Silky Conditioner in Chestnuts and Brown Sugar: Yeah that's pretty much what it is. Very sweet slightly nutty and thoroughly enjoyable. I bought this one cause I'm on a chestnut kick and I thought it would smell like my Adagio chestnut tea, which it does. I'm sold.

Leave in Conditioner in Vanilla Bliss: Okay so I ordered Baked Vanilla which is a blend of several different Vanillas. There's no Vanilla Bliss on the website so I assume they're the same? Apparently it leaked as well since it's got 1/4 of the product missing. Which is sad since it's a very good product and I quite like the scent, it lasts for freaking ever!

Foaming Sugar Scrub in Candy Cane Fizz: Candy canes blended with 7up and strawberry syrup. Mmm delicious sweet peppermint. You can order this in a color, and I ordered mine in light pink, however it came super pale yellow which I assume is uncolored. When I mention this to Lisa, the owner she mentioned something about color stabilizers, and not putting enough in. It's only a little sad since the product is still wonderful, it just would have been cute in pink.

For both the Foaming Sugar Scrub and the Leave in Conditioner I was offered a refund or store credit before I even asked, so let's add great customer service to the list.

Silken Body Butter Sample in Vanilla Bean Noel: Vanilla and caramel Bath and Body Works dupe. Delicious! And this lotion is amazing, it really is silky and absorbs quickly, I applied it at night and was still smelling it really clearly the next morning.

So in recap a scent list that boggles the mind along with scents that last longer then anything you've applied before. Great customer service and quick answers to my questions more then makeup for a bland website. Monthly specials make spending up to the free shipping amount easy. Also the products themselves are seriously amazing. So will I buy again? You bet your fluffy butt I will!

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