Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yuzu: Last Night With Rose

I put off writing this post because it kind of makes me want to cry. Logistically I know that from an outside perspective this post is nothing special, just me and some friends with some pictures of food. I know that. But I miss Rose, I miss Maura, I miss Teal. I missing having someone around to talk shop with, I miss going to conventions with friends who like the same things I like and do the same things I do. I miss the 4am rush to finish a costume, and the random days I want to dress up and all I have to do is call one of them to go along with me.

I have other friends, close ones, ones I've had longer, but there will never be another group like them, not if I look for a million years. I know one day I'll see them all again, but I also know that time will be far in the future. Keep in contact my friends! Don't forget okay?

Christa and her first bowl of Kakuni Ramen, which has just beautiful, mouthwatering pieces of pork. In fact we all got kakuni ramen.

Kimchi rolls, with cheese and pork, man I love my kimchi!

Gyoza, not particularly special, but tasty none the less.

Rose, baby James, and Christa. Be happy everyone!


  1. T_T

    I miss you guys too! I am really looking forward to the day when we're all in the same place, being our weird selves once again.

  2. I miss you too Arika! I also miss calling you up, dressing in random costumes/wigs and having an awesome time! Costuming without you guys is just not the same.