Monday, November 28, 2011

The Day of the Comic Show

I spent most of the comic book show under tables grubbing for the comics I wanted, no pictures of it, not much to see in any case, there were some folks in costume but for whatever reason I always get nervous asking for pictures at this show. But here's the makeup I wore that day.

I'm using Aromaleigh Cherry Bomb blush, and Aromaleigh Wallflower lip color.

All shades are Aromaleigh with Zeus on the inner corner, Serpensortia, then Jessamine.

I love these colors.

My comic haul from the show! My goal was to pick up mostly Mark Waid BOOM! stuff. I got Potters Field (a really interesting read), Incorruptible, and Irredeemable which is currently my favorite comic.

I took Becky and Mike with me to the show, afterwards to went to Slappy Cakes for awesome food stuffs.

I had my usual sweet potato pancake with apples and goat cheese. They had green apples that day WOOT!

Becky with my awesome Kiddy Creamsicle.

Anyway, it was an excellent day, I have a lovely time and I'm looking forward to next year. Hopefully Randall can come with me again.

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