Monday, December 5, 2011

Brenna is a Deer...

Brenna and I collaborated on a photoshoot for a contest we were trying to enter. I did her makeup made her a really cute hair piece and created a "background", she used one of my wigs and looks AMAZING in it! She was very patient with me as I kept adding more and more stuff to her face. And then when we were done I was like, "okay, let's glue stuff to you arm now!"

So I totally put way too many colors on Brenna, and I can't remember them all but I will tell you all of what I do remember. I used Aromaleighs Almost Midnight to made the dark line around her eyes and Hit or Miss on the lid and under the lower lash line. After that the eyeshadow get's fuzzy, I'm pretty sure I used Athena, and Imperial as well.

On her face I used Aromaleigh Wildflower blush, Ben Nye's Lux Powder in Ice, with Lime Crime's Empress dusted over a piece of lace to create that pattern. On her lips is Lime Crimes Airborne Unicorn lined with Aromaleigh Wildflower blush, and Aromaleigh eyeshadow in Fume patted on the middle of the lips.

I drew out the background for her freehand and cut it out with a dull exact-o knife. It was very hard.

But damn it looks good. Now have some awesome Brenna spam!

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