Friday, December 23, 2011

Review Geek Chic Lippies

Geek Chic currently has 19 lip products and I bought half of them. Mostly I've wanted new lip sticks, my colors are pretty limited at home so I grabbed some of the craziest Geek Chic had!

From Left to Right:

Joy Sticks
  • Back to the Fuchsia: A bright glossy fuchsia, pretty much the same color Nicki Minaj always wears. It's really soft and melty and would probably would work better as a gloss. It applies well but sinks into every little crack and cranny like crazy.
Not a great picture, but you can kinda see what I mean. It lasts a very long time but that is because it stains pretty badly. Prepping with lip primer and liner is advised.
  • KAOS: A very dark grayish purple, takes a few strokes before it goes opaque but it's been pretty patchy so far.
  • Toxic Unicorn: An acid green shimmer, takes a few strokes before it goes opaque. I think I'm going to wear this color for Christmas!
  • Electric Rat: Bright primary yellow, takes a few strokes to go opaque. It's quite a hard lip product and dry. Wearing a gloss over it is recommended.
  • Bulma Briefs: Sheer seafoam green shimmer, patchy and sometimes get's mistaken for white in certain lights..
Geek Gloss
  • Tentacle Grape: A purple shimmer gloss with subtle green shimmer and green sparkles.
  • Mana Potion: Sky Blue with subtle blue shimmer.

Bio Balm

  • Big Daddy: A beige color with an almost creamy consistency. It's got a barely noticeable blue shimmer and feels amazing on. The website recommends using it as a night treatment, and I did! My lips felt AWESOME in the morning.

My favorites include Back to the Fuchia, Toxic Unicorn, and Big Daddy. Disappointments are KAOS and Bulma Briefs....and I so wanted Bulma to be awesome, but in all fairness they website says it's sheer, on my lips it looks kinda white.

The difference in texture between one Joy Stick to another is kinda odd with some being harder or softer then others, the only color that seemed a normal consistency to brand lip sticks was KAOS. Geek Gloss is not my favorite formula it's a bit 'drier' then I normally like and you have to really work to apply it evenly. But it's not very sticky and lasts a long time. I will buy EVERY Bio Balm though super impressed!


  1. I think some of it has to do with pigment. Yellow lipstick tends to be quite dry across the board, for example.

    Glad to see that Toxic Unicorn is nice, though, I'll be picking it up soon!

  2. I have heard that. It's a shame though, Electric Rat looks pretty good on me but it's hard to wear since I'm so dry in the first place.