Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review Geek Chic Shadows

The only thing I bought for myself on Black Friday was a bunch of stuff from Geek Chic Cosmetics. I made myself promise to only spend 50$ and only went 10$ over LOL... I have a problem. The box was sent within the normal Geek Chic turn around time, and since they're so close I got it in two days after it was mailed, SCORE! It came with a full size prototype shade, a sample of Companion Cube, and three coupons for future use.

I didn't buy any full size eyeshadows since I've never tried the company before. They come in clam shells which I've mentioned before I HATE, HATE, HATE! It's a personal preference, and I'll be investing in tiny bags soon to put my new samples in.

Shades from Left to Right and swatched over Aromaleigh Eye and Lip primer:
  • Solid Snake: A dark almost black blue with purple/blue sparkle. Lovely but it's just a dark version of those blue/purple shades that I keep buying but never look good on me. But I keep buying them because they're SOOO pretty *sobs*
  • Stay Indoors: A black base with purple sparkles.
  • We Are Coming: A very dark antique brown/copper with copper sparkle.
  • Twilight Princess: Dark olive/gray with a cool aqua and seafoam sparkle.
  • Bigger on the Inside: Teal with gold shimmer, smooth and opaque.
  • Across the Narrow Sea: Beautiful cerulean blue loaded with sky blue sparkle and a sea-foam shimmer.
  • Blood Bond: A dark rusty burnt orange color with slight red shimmer. Disappointingly un-red.
  • Yes Sir: A dark orange with pink tones, mostly matte with a spattering of blue sparkle.
  • Cold Feet: Though a really pretty shade it had some bits of un-blended white in it. It's a sky blue with lavender shimmer. Edit: actual color description here.
Sorry for the not great picture, but you can still see all the un-blended white bits. It's just white, not pearly or anything.... sad. I don't really know what happened here.
Edit: I told GC about the problem, they kindly offered to re-send me my sample of Cold Feet.
  • Are There Any Girls There?: A nice pink color, on the dusty side with a pink sparkle.
  • Companion Cube: Vibrant barbie pink with pink sparkle.

From Left to Right swatched over Aromaleigh Eye and Lip Primer:
  • Prototype A: A bright hot orange with gold sparkle.
  • Riddle Me This: Pale Grass Green with lavender sparkle.
  • Continuum: A sunny true primary yellow with gold sparkle.
  • Where Are The Cheese Puffs?: A buttery shimmery sherbert orange with gold/orange sparkle.
  • Prenup: A cool toned pale pink with pink sparkle and blue shimmer. Together they give this shade a lavender tone but only slightly.
  • Bubble Hearth: A dusty peachy/pink shade with a pearl sheen and pink sparkle.
  • Drunken Toast: Super shimmery butter yellow with gold sparkle.
  • Glass Cannon: Super soft winter blue with aqua sparkle.
  • Kingslayer: Snowy white with gold sparkle
Favorite shades include We Are Comming, Bigger on The Inside, Continuum, Where Are The Cheese Puffs?, Prenup, Bubble Hearth, Drunken Toast, and Glass Cannon. So yeah, I like a lot of these!

Disappointments are Solid Snake, Blood Bond, Yes Sir, Cold Feet, and Riddle Me This but not because they're bad colors just because they're not what I thought they'd be.

The formula they use at Geek Chic is nice, a little on the dry side so a base is recommended. The colors are unique and wonderful and I will be buying from Geek Chic again!


  1. Thanks for the great swatches. So many pretty colors. I love We are coming, Where Are The Cheese Puffs?, Prenup. :)

  2. If you contact them about that un-blended shade, they'll probably send you another one. They have great customer service- my package went missing when I ordered from them about this time last year (our mail went missing a lot) and they sent me a new one. I talked to Chantel and she was so nice about it.

  3. I want to let them know anyway, so they can hopefully avoid it in the future. Tonight I WILL make time and sit down and write them an email.

  4. I studied your blog like a text book and took the flying leap into ordering make-up online. I tried out a few shades on Geek Chic and almost ordered Big Daddy BioShade but I wanted to stay under $10, so next paycheck. However, I really need to get some decent make-up brushes. I looked at Sephora's but they were so insanely expensive it wasn't going to happen. Where do you get yours?

  5. Ooh let me know what shades you ordered and what you thought. I've gotten my brushes from a few different sources but I really like the ones I got recently from TKB

    They are very nice and at VERY reasonable prices.