Monday, December 12, 2011

Shoot with Revolution Intermedia: Part 1

This was a shoot I did back in the last week of September. The photographer, Kenny asked me to wear something "flowy", but to have my makeup be sort of dark and edgy. I wore my black fingerless gloves and black boots to help reign in the angelic feeling of the dress.

I'm afraid I don't remember what makeup I wore. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing Aromaleighs Cherry Bomb blush, and waaaay too much of it if I'm going off these pictures. I over did it because I thought the wig and the sun would wash me out more then it did.

It was really freakin hot this day, and I was wearing a wig, and I didn't realize Kenny was gonna have me walk half a mile in heels up the beach. I ended up looking like a sweaty mess in a lot of the photos I got back. Thank goodness some of them turned out. I like my precise lip line in this picture, I'm also pretty sure I'm wearing Clinique Lipstick in Cranberry Creme.

Most of my favorites are of me not looking at the camera, it was so bright, that with the reflector shining at me I was squinting like hell. I felt really terrible over it actually, but there was also nothing I could do about it, if you've got to squint you've got to squint

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