Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pirate Lolita Christmas

Pirate Lolita Christmas

Last year I tackled the big three Lolita themes: Sweet, Classic, and Gothic. Even though they weren't popular posts I still really liked putting them together, and with some encouragement from Teal I've decided to put post on some of the less popular Loli themes. Pirate Loli has some of my favorite coordinates this is probably one of my favorite looks ever. On top of that it makes for a really bad ass looking tree, growing up I always wanted an "Under the Sea" themed tree and this is pretty close.

Christmas Tree
Although I think any tree color would work depending on what colors your Pirate Loli wardrobe contained (got to be match-y right?) I still wholeheartedly believe a dark blue tree is perfect for every Pirate. It mimics the rolling waves of the open sea and the adventures that await. Pair with blue and green lights with maybe some small white lights embedded deep into the tree to mimic the murky mysterious ocean.

Use green tinsel garland, or shiny curled green ribbon as tree "flotsam". You can make your self ornaments out of shells, tie them to the tree as is, or cover them with your choice of glitter and rhinestones. Sea life shaped ornaments can feature heavily, crabs, mermaids, you could make your own felt fish. There must be a pirate ship on the tree somewhere sailing her open branches. Lego makes some neat pirate ships if you're interested, and can't find anything you like better. Treasure chests, gold doubloons, skulls, and cutlass could also work.
As a tree topper you have a lot of options available to you, a large grinning skull, a Pirate flag (make your own Jolly Rodger design for an added touch of creativity). My favorite idea was to place a "Kraken" on the top of your tree. If you make your own you could give it long arms and tie them so that they wind around the tree like it's attacking it.

Stocking Stuffers
If it's in your price range and you have taste I would suggest boots. If there's one thing a Pirate Lolita cannot live without it's several pairs of fancy kick ass boots. Tickets to an aquarium or a special trip to the beach. Look for themed jewelry such as skulls, cutlass, ships, peice of eight, and sea life. As a general rule you should stay away from dolphins, whales, seals, and penguins unless you know she likes them already, though often cute they are not considered Pirate-y. Other ideas are ornate compasses, leather, or leather like harnesses for her sword and muskets, poofy poet shirts, eye-patches, and tricorn hats. She could decorate plains ones to match her outfit. Of if you REALLY like her you could get her THIS! Maybe it's not to everyone's taste but damn I wish someone would buy that hat for me!

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