Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: ClarkLewis

Becky get's perks from her work, and one of these perks are gift cards to various restaurants around Portland. She was excited to get two from ClarkLewis and offered to take us out to dinner on New Years Eve. ClarkLewis is located in an old warehouse in an industrial area, the floor plan is pretty open, even the kitchen is easily visible from more areas of the restaurant.

They also had several bunches of Christmas lights as chandeliers, at least they did on New Years. I liked them!

Drinks came first, I picked up the Rose Roller with vodka, red wine, and cherry syrup. Just okay, which was the general consensus all around for drinks. Beckys Lime Rickey just tasted like rum and we had to get some simple syrup for it.

Fried oyster appetizer, those rounds on the bottom are deep fried lemon slices. It was a really unique way to serve them, pretty tasty too. I don't know if the lemons were weak or if the frying process mellows them, they were really good.

Look at Heather and Becky eat that thing! Look at them! Randall got lentil soup which he claimed had too much stuff other then lentils in it. He also got the cheese plate, and Mike got a salad with fire roasted walnuts. I do not care for walnuts but these were not bad, I would have eaten them.

For dinner I got the chestnut ravioli with butternut squash in brown butter. It was really delicious but not better then butternut squash ravioli I've had at other places. I had some at Mint Tea last month and got more for a better price. There are like 9 of them and the plate cost 14$. That's roughly 1.56$ for each ravioli, I was still pretty hungry afterwards so I finished Heathers pasta too since she didn't like what she got.

Both Becky and Mike got the Lamb Tagliatelle which were decent sized portions.

For dessert we got this Chocolate Hazelnut Napoleon which was excellent and a plate of random sweets like chocolates and cookies that was just okay.

All in all I found the place to be rather hit or miss in terms of how good a plate might be, and how much of it you'll be getting. Personally it's not worth the price, and I won't be going there again, but it was fun to try and I love Becky for taking me along.

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