Friday, January 13, 2012

Harry Potter Themed

I was thinking about what I could get Maura, Rose, and Teal for Christmas, they are all Harry Potter fans and I've had my eye on this etsy shop Mud In My Blood that sells Butterbeer syrup among other Harry Potter related items. I circled it for awhile before finally breaking down and buying three for them and a sample size for myself. I figure even if it didn't taste good they would still look adorable.

They came quickly and very well packaged with each bottle in it's own little box with packing material and then in a bigger box to ship all together.

The back of the syrup bottles suggest several ways of preparing the syrup, I mixed my sample with hot water. It wasn't bad, not robust. I might suggest mixing it with milk for anyone who feels like they need their own Butterbeer, and topping with whipped cream.

Butterbeer only is kind of a boring gift SOOO I thought about what else I could include, and cute inspiration struck.
I made labels, and made them AWESOME!

I taped the wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolates to make golden snitches.

I made Acid Pops out of lollipops dipped in blackberry honey and rolled in Pop Rocks.

I had three different flavors so everyone got one of each. They stuck to the cellophane I had them wrapped in but they were really tasty, like they should start marketing and selling these in stores good. The Acid Pop label was also my favorite of the bunch.

The boxes were gift card boxes from the Dollar Store, I gutted them and put my version of a Cockroach Cluster in them. I went with chocolate covered dates as my version, not really a cluster, and I realize most people probably would have used nuts, but I like to be different.

Licorice Wands were dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with Nerds candies.

Wrapped like a tamale with purple ribbons.

Bertie Botts Candy Ceans were just packed into a cellophane gift bag with their label attached, and then I packed all the items into a box with colored packing grass. These were really fun to make, and I very much hope everyone enjoyed their gifts.


  1. These were so amazing! I was going to do a break-down of the delicious myself but you've done it for me! I will say they were amazing...although you forgot the Bertie Botts Beans. When I was eating the Acid Pop I was trying to figure out what was on the lollipop...crushed candy? Then all the pop rocks started going off in my mouth. It was awesome! Def the most creative gift this Christmas.

  2. Aw, that's really cute. I love that Etsy shop too...still need to buy something from them. I'm sure I will love. i'm a sucker for all things Harry Potter.


  3. Thank you guys, it was really fun to make this stuff too.

    Teal: Are you telling me You got no beans?! Really? I'll send some in my next package.