Monday, January 16, 2012

After Midnight

Ooh I got a whole bunch of compliments on my eye makeup this day, I'd like to take some credit for it, but it was actually quite simple to do. All the credit goes to the makeup itself and the wonderful people who created the colors. On my lips is Geek Chic KAOS, it's fairly flattering but a bit patchy.

On the outer corner is Geek Chics Twilight Princess, and the lid is Aromaleighs Azimuth, with AL Aparecium on the inner corner.

I used the same shades under the lower lash line. Aparecium, Azimuth, and Twilight Princess in that order from the inner corner to the outer. I used AL Bluebelle at a highlight on the brow bone.


When I went to work later that evening I figured KAOS was maybe a little dark, so I replaced it with Brazens Breathless, which I like a little bit better. I'm wearing Aromaleigh Wildflower blush.


  1. Kaos looks great on you! And the eye makeup looks really lovely - it kind of reminds me of a dragonfly. ^^

    1. Thank you I agree, it does look kinda like a dragonfly.