Monday, February 6, 2012

Brennas Daily Wear

Okay so I totally forced Brenna into one of my lolita dresses, but in all fairness it's not like I had to work very hard at it.

She's wearing my strawberry lolita dress which frequent readers probably recognize as the lolita dress I wear most often. She's also wearing my second fluffyiest petticoat, which for some reason is not so fluffy on her. I think it's might be because she so tall, but in retrospect I should have put her in two petticoats.

Blouse is from the LA Fashion District, shoes are An*Tai*Na, socks are from Target, the bow I made, but the flower is something Brenna made herself with a ribbon she got from a See's Candy box. I do stuff like that all the time, it is awesome that I know now someone else who does that too!

She's wearing my Betsey Johnson bird necklace AND my Tarina Tarantino necklace, plus one of her own.

Horray! Brenna is so awesome!

I sadly didn't get very good pictures of her makeup, which was a combination of pink Meow shades. I also feel like she should have worn more blush, I forgot how that much pink and red can compete with cheek color...grrr. Next time!


  1. Look at how adorable Brenna is! She wears clothes really well. :)

    Also, every time I hit the link above for the Blog Sale I get an error message. :(

    1. Sorry, I know I'll deal with it soon.