Friday, February 3, 2012

Daily Wear: Chocolate Fest 2012

I wore my mint dress to the Chocolate fest this year, along with the pink sweater I bought an altered a few years ago. I actually altered it further for the Chocolate Fest by shortening the bottom a bit. My petticoat from Candy Violet is super long, I've sewed it shorter and have it rolled up around my waist but it still peaks out from under my dress *sigh*.

I didn't get pictures of the eyeshadow I'm afraid, but along with my foundation I've got Aromaleigh English Rose finishing powder, and Corset blush on my face. And I'm wearing Meow's Blitzen, Vixen, Brisk, and Snowball. I'm bummed cause it was really pretty.

For accessories I'm wearing my An*Tai*Na shoes, the socks and tights are from Target, and the bracelet is Tarina Tarantino. You can't see them but I'm wearing my Sora broach from Ink & Paint, along with a pink plaid rose pin my mom sent me, and a Little Twin Stars pin and necklace I made from some mystery box toys.

Aww I like this picture, these were taken with Brennas new camera. I WANT IT!

The hat was made with a mystery box Re-Ment toy I got at few years ago at Anime Expo. I glued it onto a frame I made with pin dot pink fabric, silvery sea foam ribbon, and an old pink rhinestone necklace. I love it, it's going to work double duty as a cute witch hat next Halloween. It's a candy windmill so I braided my hair like a little dutch girl, I almost bought wooden shoes to go along with the theme, but I didn't thing they would be very comfortable.

I had extra pin dot fabric so I sewed the ribbon on the bottom of the braids out of it. So what do you think? Did I do well?

Also, my nails matched.

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