Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chocolate Fest: 2012

Chocolate Fest was delicious as always, I went on a Saturday this year and it was super busy but I think it would have been busy no matter what day you went. They had tons of samples, cooking demonstrations, oh it was so awesome. I might say my only disappointment was the Cocktail at the SakeOne booth this year. I usually look forward to trying what they come up with but this years was really just boring.

I totally dragged Brenna with me and made her dress up, her goal was to find delicious hot and spicy chocolate, which was actually pretty easy since just about every booth had a variation of it, just a continuation on a theme I saw last year. Bacon is on the out, but interesting flavors like curry, rose, and pink peppercorn are on the rise.

These are the truffles from Coastal Mist, I bought a big box of them and they were delicious, my favorite was the Blood Orange and Honey truffle.

JaCivas cute booth babes, this company excels in cute.

I got my Chocolate Salted Caramel French Macaroon. I was soooo happy, it was delicious.

Brownies from Heaven booth display.

Beautiful chocolates from Forte.

Brenna found Some delicious spicy toffee from Melting Pot Candy, and a bar of Ghost Chili chocolate from Lille Belle Farms that includes Pain as an ingredient. Along with my box from Coastal Mist, I bought a bar of Root Beer Fudge from Brevin's Solid Gold Fudge (OMG SOOO GOOD!). I also meant to buy a rose flavored gummy from Willamette Valley Confectionery which of course they don't have on their website. I also have big plans to buy a bag of toffee from Tea-Time Toffee, because it's they best toffee I've ever tried.

On our way out we spotted the Energy Cow and took a picture with it.

It matched me!

Afterwards we went to Boke Bowl for something of substance. I had the pulled pork ramen with an extra slab of pork belly on top. It was good, not as good as Yuzu I think, but still really good after a hard day of eating chocolate.

Brenna got the Seafood Ramen with some shitake mushrooms on the side. Her broth was really good, but I liked my pork better then her seafood.

You can see her makeup in this picture, it's so lovely, I used Meows Greed, Permafrost, and a few others I can't remember.

Good day all around.


  1. Missing you and the chocolate fest hard core now! It was so much fun! Brenna is seriously gorgeous. Her skin is like milk and you did her eye make-up so well!
    I really liked your outfit this year. Maybe even more than last. The hair and hair ornament was super cute and I love those colors on you. Also, the nails rocked.
    Man, I would have hit that brownie stall HARD!

  2. I missed you too! It was really fun with Brenna but imagine how awesome it would have been with all of us! Also, those brownies were totally there last year!