Monday, March 12, 2012

Meow: Blushes and Glows

I'm currently questing for a suitable replacement for my Aromaleigh Gothic Lolita Corset blush. Meow seemed like as good a place as any to start, most Indy mineral makeup companies are sorely lacking in red blush for whatever reason. Maybe they're not big sellers or something, but Meow has quite a few.

Swatched bare from left to right

Brickhouse: Shimmery red with orange tones.
Bombshell: Shimmery with a lighter tone then Brickhouse and slight brownish tones.
Risque: Very hot pink shimmer, blends out very well without looking too garish.
Cleopatra: Shimmery pink, soft and beautiful.

Blushes blended out.

These are the Egyptian Treasures Glows in Deity and Eternal swatched first bare, and then swatched again over primer on the bottom and Pixie Epoxy on top. I realize these look a bit brown but there's plenty of pink shimmer in both of them.

Deity: Dusty buff rose with pink shimmer, blended out it's quite nice.
Eternal: Mauve shimmer slightly darker then Deity, still nice but not for me.

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