Friday, March 23, 2012

Meriweathers Restaurant

This the the second time I've been to Meriweathers, the first was last summer when Shannon and I were looking for a good place to eat for a decent price. Going by the restaurant you only ever see old people going in and out of it but we were told it had an excellent happy hour, and boy those people were right, we dropped about 100$ that eating and drinking our way though the Happy Hour menu.

I'd been meaning to take Randall back with me, and this day I got my chance.

I got myself a Lewis Lemonade which is marionberry lemonade with marionberry vodka. It was not bad, but could have used more tartness.

Part of their bar menu included a Pantry Board, you can order 5 items off a rotating menu and during happy hour it's only 18$. We got gorgonzola stuffed dates, chicken fried sweetbreads in chipotle aoli (my favorite), falafel balls in yogurt, roasted olives, walnuts, and grapes, and fried risotto balls.

Along with the board we each ordered a sandwich, I got this Pulled Pork and Tomato Jam with coleslaw. It was really big and pretty good eating, the real star of this was the bread though, fluffy and chewy, burnt on the inside in a way that went perfectly with the pork and jam.

Randall got the cheeseburger with prosciutto and chipotle aoli.

If you're looking for good eats in Portland Meriweathers is the place to go, and if you want it for a good price happy hour is from 3-6 every day.

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