Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Pictures

Pictures from the last few months that didn't really feel like they went anywhere else.

An old coworker of mine went out of town for a few weeks, the rest of my coworkers proceed to take that days newspaper and wrap all of her stuff in it. This was about half way done.

Joelle with her lightsaber cookies. Super cute but they didn't hold together real well.

I was helping some friends move. Also I'm weird.

Rocking Evil Shades Just Like Candy Hardcore Lipgloss.

Grandmas cat Keizi in a box, eh I though it was funny.

Randall at Mint Tea.

Delicious dessert food cart Cake On A Hot Tin Roof.

I made a star shaped tart, this one had egg, cheese, and homemade smoked tuna.

I liked this outfit, it matches my awesome hat from Teal.

Awhile back I decided to watercolor something. I've come to accept that watercolor is something I'm never going to be amazing at, but it was nice enough to do.

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