Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweetpea and Fay Review

I kept seeing the lipsticks adds of Sweetpea & Fay all over the place, I was really taken with them. The colors were amazingly beautiful and I'm so desperate for a decent place to buy lipsticks from, at around 8$ apiece they seemed like a bargain, but I paced myself and only bought three even though I wanted to buy like nine!

The Liquid Lipsticks are soft and mouse-like in texture and they go on quite opaque but sink into all the lines. A lip brush is very recommended particularly with the more unnatural colors. Though I feel confident enough with Mermaid Kiss, I'd still rather use the lip brush.

Under the Cap

The labels are so pretty although the ingredients list is blurry on all three. Unfortunately the labels don't stay on very well, and they are not waterproof at all. I got a little bit of water on my tube of Mermaids Kiss and not only did it come off but left black sticky gunk all over the place.

Scuba Gear: looks avocado in the tube but goes on a spring green color, too bright to be pastel and definitely not the seafoam I was hopeing for, oh well, better luck next time. It's really not my color so if anyone out there thinks they want it let me know.

Beluga: a really nice neon peach, it's a nice enough color on me but would look amazing on someone with a bit of a tan. A real tan mind you, not some orange monstrosity.

Mermaid Kiss: Bright pink it's not red at all but it leans more toward that side of the color spectrum. Not orangy and not pale.

I'm really torn on these, on one hand I really like the colors, and I really want Tea Cups, Nordic, and Ranunculous. But these lip products are hard to put on, don't stay on particularly well, stain everything they come off on, and maybe worst of all they dry out my lips like crazy.

It's impossible to take any of these off without exfoliating my lips, the above picture was taken after I wiped off the excess with some tissue paper. I don't think this happens with everyone, I have particularly dry skin so don't let this put you off giving them a try.

With my lip products I got a free full sized eyeshadow, and a sample eyeshadow.

Swatched left to right over Pixie Epoxy on top, and Primer on the bottom.

Crystal Meth: Looks white, but don't be fooled, it's almost silver, it's basically a very strong pearl shimmer. Even over PE it takes a lot to get it opaque. Works well as a blending shade or a highlight.

Witches Brew: Can't find this on the site anywhere which is good cause this is a really terrible eyeshadow. Barely shows any color over primer, and over PE it gets really clumpy, it took me a bit to get it to look smooth for the picture. It's a blackened purple with tiny red sparkles.

Really unimpressed with the eyeshadows, Crystal Meth wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't anything special.

So the big question is would I buy from Sweetpea & Fay again? But I honestly don't know, I'm sorely tempted (because dear lord the colors!), but I just don't think my skin likes them enough which is really, REALLY, depressing.


  1. The colors are really beautiful. I'd love to try that green. Did you already get rid of it? C:

    1. Sure thing, go ahead and send me your name and mailing address to arika-brushfire0 at lycos dot com.

    2. Thanks sooo much for the review! I was wanting to buy some and didn't want to spend money if I don't have to. I don't NEED more makeup. =)
      I love the color lips on you, but if it's a lot of work to get the color and then they dry up and sink then I can't use them.
      Bummer! The colors are awesome!
      Thanks so much for saving me some mula! =)

    3. You're very welcome, glad I could help.