Monday, April 23, 2012

Geek Chic: Storybook Love and Others

Chock full of pastels and based on the Princess Bride this collections was made for me.

From left to right swatched over Pixie Epoxy on top and Aromaleigh Eye and Lip Primer below.
  • Combustible Lemon: Citrus yellow with light golden shimmer and large blue sparkles with smaller red sparkles.
  • Dream of Large Women: Baby pink with blue shimmer.
  • Inconceivable: Pastel minty green shimmer.
  • Prepare to Die: Shimmery peach with diamond sparkle.
  • Viking King: taupe base loaded with antique golden shimmer.
  • Ambassador: Brownish Merlot with golden shimmer.
  • Little Albatross: Grayish blue with light silver sparkle.
  • Rotten Miracles: Swatched over PE on top, ALprimer in the middle and naked on the bottom. I'm very impressed with this blush, usually peaches and oranges don't look that great on me but this ones seemed to work well. It's peachy orange with tan tones, very flattering.
I'm so very happy with all of these, my favorites being Dream of Large Women, and Prepare to Die. I also picked up another Biobalm in Little Sister, like Big Daddy it doesn't have much color to it but feels lovely on


  1. Prepare to Die is perfect! Lovely to see some new shades. BTW I've been trying to use a new eyeshadow every day that you sent me. I am currently in love with Aromaleigh's Drama Queen Topaz.

    1. Prepare to Die is AWESOME!

      I'm glad you like Topaz, it never worked quite right on me, but no eyeliner does so I shouldn't be surprised.