Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Mirror Mirror

 This delightful comedy, as you probably already know, is loosely based on the Fairy Tale of Snow White directed by Tarsem. Between you and me I pretty much love everything that man has ever done. Seriously rent The Fall, and shame on you for not seeing The Immortals when it was in theaters. Tarsems movies are gloriously shot, and always magical, just perfect for a movie like this.

The movie starts out with the viewer being told it's the Queens story, and Julie Roberts is an excellent evil stepmother, she's all a once likable and vicious. Frequent readers will know that I do indeed like a good villain. Snow White is on the opposite end of the spectrum, played by the stunningly gorgeous Lily Collins sadly as a bit of a one dimensional character.

My favorite outfit from the entire movie.

That's was expected though, I did like the changes to the story as well as the things they decided to keep for the original Fairy Tale, I adored the Seven Dwarfs and liked that they got to kick a little butt. The Prince wasn't the hero and I never believed he should have been in the Grim Tale in the first place, all he did was kiss a dead woman after all, and suddenly Snow was riding off into the sunset with him, yeah that makes sense.

Costumes were designed by Eiko Ishioka who sadly passed away last January, her talent and whimsy will be sorely missed I can tell you that, she's worked with Tarsem for years and I just don't know if it will be the same without her over the top designs and eye for color. Seriously I'm gonna cry here because look at these dresses and tell me you know someone who can do better.

Second favorite outfit.

Mirror Mirror is beautiful with plenty of wonderful visuals that will have you drooling, the story is a little trite, but the dialogue and fantastic acting by Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, and Armie Hammer more then makes up for it.


  1. Ahh, The Fall is one of my favorites! It's so wonderful.

    Eiko Ishioka was amazing. Nobody else did it like her, for sure.

  2. wow i am so out of the loop - i haven't even heard of the movie. it seems interesting though! i'll take a look :D!

  3. The Fall is in my top 10 of favorite costume movies. I love Tarsem's visuals. His plots are always a little trite but he gets great actors and his movies are like moving art. So beautiful. Glad you enjoyed this!