Monday, May 21, 2012

Going Down to Melrose

So I'm back from California, I had very good time with my family shopping, eating cupcakes and playing with my grandmothers new pet Chihuahua Bobby. These posts are going to be a bit out of sync, for instance this one will be all about my shopping excursion to Melrose which I'm pretty sure took place on my fifth day there.

Pink chandelier in Westwood store.

Despite all the different amazing stores on the street I mainly wanted to go to Melrose because Vivenne Westwood had a shop site there, and I'm obsessed with Vivenne Westwood Melissa shoes which are as my mom described them "high class jellies".

Yes I'm here!

Unfortunately they didn't have any of the Melissa shoes I liked, but my mom tried on a pair with a wing across the foot. The shop boy was also very helpful in explaining a bit about the shoe. They only come in full sizes, they are SO SO comfortable and the plastic is embedded with a perfume that makes them smell like candy! Over all if they had one I liked they would have been worth the price, which is usually around 200$.


But don't think I went away empty handed... 
 I bought these babies, which were on sale so don't worry I paid less them 100$ for them. They are of course still more expensive then any other one piece of jewelry I own. The shop boy put them each in their own soft little individual holder, and then in a box for me.

 And then in their own Vivenne Westwood bag, which by the way is the only bag I brought back with me from CA.

After that mom wanted to go to the Betsey Johnson store, her main goal was to have my try on dresses so she could take pictures. It's not the trying on dresses part that bothered me, it was the mostly having to pose for pictures part that did. You'd think as a semi-fashion blogger I'd be okay with it, but I like having a well put together ensemble for my posts, and I didn't really have that for these pictures.
 I unfortunately let mom take pictures with her phone, so most of the pictures didn't turn out anyway, sorry.

I tried on a ton of stuff from her spring collection but my favorite was the above outfit, not so much the dress but the seersucker corset jacket which was so cute I could die. I didn't end up buying anything, but believe you me I wanted to. Though if you didn't know Betsey Johnson just filed Chapter 11 and is closing up several stores including her online shop, so if you're looking for some deals on her clothing I'd start there.

After Betsey it was onto Tarina Tarintinos Melrose shop. For those not familiar she makes uber cute jewelry and accessories, many of which I own, including some from the special Lolita collection that was not released to the general public.

 One of her newest collections called Aurora was just pastel rhinestones that I've asked my mom to look out for in the future. I adore everything here but I really drooled over the shell ring between the two necklaces which retails for 450$ on her website yikes!

I didn't buy anything, but my mom bought some red Memento Mori Lucite cross earrings for 40$.

 After Tarinas we bummed around a bit we went to Kid Robot and I picked up a few mystery box toys, then later wished I'd picked up a blank giraffe munny, but hindsight and all that. And I bought a few pins from Johnny Cupcakes, which sadly does not sell cupcakes but mostly T-Shirts. But they had some cute "Make Cupcakes, Not War" stuff. 

Johnnys did however get us in the mood FOR cupcakes and LO' Sprinkles Cupcakes wile not on Melrose was really close by.

We got Red Velvet, Cinnamon and Sugar, Lemon, Chocolate Marshmellow, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I tried three different cupcake shops while I was in LA Sprinkles, Suzie Cakes, and Baby Cakes, and Suzie Cakes was my favorite. Though not as big a selection at the other two their cakes were the best by far, particularly the special they had the day I went, Peanut Butter and Jelly was AMAZING! I'm seriously drooling just thinking about it. My grandmother was also quite fond of their Chocolate Mint.

For those not willing to brave the Sprinkles line there's a cupcake vending machine just outside willing to serve you a single cupcake at a time. But who can eat just one?

We also bought Sprinkles water, not because we were thirsty, but because moms car was over heating and we thought we might have to pour it in as a temporary coolant until we could get home. Luckily in Bevelry Hills we spotted a Mobile gas station in which to buy some coolant. We pulled in and I opted to use the bathroom since we had to wait for a bit. The gas station and convenience store were about the same as you'd find anywhere else, and I was wary about using the bathroom since the guy had to buzz me in and California public bathrooms are notoriously bad.

 Holy crap! This is the fanciest public bathroom I've ever been in. I had to take a picture because I knew if I didn't nobody would have believed me, I guess if you're going to use the toilet in CA you'd better do it in Beverly Hills.


  1. YAY! Sounds like you had a great trip. Loved reading your post and can't wait for more!

    I didn't realize Betsey Johnson was going bankrupt. I'm not super surprised because I felt her clothes were very specialized while being priced way too high. I felt like she priced herself out of the young, daring but middle-income market that she should have been in. Not the upper income market who typical trend towards more mainstream name brands. What do you think? Either way I will take your advice and check out her online store.

    1. I don't know, I think lots of people of all ages and demographic really like Betsey Johnson, I think she's suffering because her products are considered luxury items. Not just for their prices, but also their practicality. People are spending their money on clothes they care wear a lot. And though I personally would wear that seersucker jacket every freeking day, most people just can't see themselves doing that.