Friday, May 25, 2012

Royal T and the Pier

It's been my plan to go to Royal T long before I set foot on California soil. A few of my favorite bloggers are always going there for parties and gallery showings, and I wanted to go too! There wasn't anything actualy going on when I went, but they had a few cute exhibits.

I call this one Pinata Fruit!

Bacon towel! Exhibit filled with a few things they sell in the shop.

This was my favorite, it's like a produce market, but the produce was all stuffed fruit and veggies with faces. I'm kicking myself now, I should have bought a happy red apple.

Our food was quite good and a reasonable price, the three of us got sliders, and the Royal T plate with it's cute sandwiches and desert, at the top is a fresh baked cranberry scone, It was the best thing there. I did feel a bit sad though because Royal T doesn't put a lot of it's focus on tea, my Iced Royal T Milk Tea, tasted bland and uninteresting. It was a lovely little cafe but it doesn't hold a candle to my Mint Tea back home.

Although, Mint Tea doesn't have their waitresses dress up like maids....

Also check out my Tarina Tarantino ring mom got me for my birthday. It's not a great picture I suppose, but it's so lovely, just perfect for my style these days.

After Royal T mom and I went for a walk on the Redondo Pier. My grandparents have lived just across the street from it for as far back as I can remember, and though it's changed over the years, some things are still the same.

This is the Fun Factory, these creepy clowns have graced this wall for a LONG time and on lazy days I would beat it down there with 10$ to play video games until dinner. A few years ago they filmed a episode of Dexter at the Fun Factory, Randall was with me and I maybe freaked out a little bit, it was pretty cool that some of my childhood memories now include Dexter.

These guys are part of a small park near the pier, they've been there forever but you might be able to tell they've seen better days poor things.

These stairs are not new but the tiling on them is. It's super cute and kinda looks like I'm surfing.

The docks.

The pier used to end where that boat building is and you used to have to turn around and come back the way you came. But in my early teens they built more pier out into the ocean. It circles around and connects to the other side.

This "new" pier had all sorts of art embedded into the concrete, whales, dolphins, jellyfish, and flying fish pictured above. When it was new it was lovely, now a days it's a bit faded, and usually there's gum or bird poop on it.

On our way back to my grandparents condo we took a loop around the back side of the pier and there was this little man made grove with a waterfall so I had mom sit while I snapped a picture.


  1. You really should have gotten a plushie apple! I'm glad to hear the Royal T did have a scone...although I think one scone is a tragedy. It's hard to beat the tea at Mint Tea.
    The ring your Mom got you is stunning and looks great with those nails!

    1. It really is, whoever Mint Teas supplier is he knows his stuff.