Monday, May 28, 2012

Serious Shopping

I do A LOT of shopping when I'm with my mom, so much that often when I return I replace half my wardrobe. This time was no difference, I had my pink suitcase packed so tightly I had to sit on it to get it to close.

One of our first big stops was the LA Fashion District, block after block of cute cheap clothing I bought a crack ton of clothing this day, plus 8 yards of 60in fabric at the Fabric District. One of my favorite things about Fashion District is not the clothing, but the street food. Though not as inventive as Portland food trucks, in LA it's pretty damn fresh and bacon wrapped hot dogs are amazing! All this lady has is a baking pan strapped to a grocery cart.

We also got a freshly squeezed orange juice. How fresh you ask? Look behind the hot dog stand. I watched that guy make my juice! I used to think I hated orange juice, but it turns out when you buy orange juice in stores it's flavored to taste like oranges. So turns out I only like orange juice when I can see it being made.

It's about 8am in this picture and I've been up for 3 hours already, so ignore my goofy face.

Showing off my new MurMur sweater, it's got so many weird flaps and braids I had to get it. Here I am being a flying squirrel.

 My moms friend Gabriel has a booth at the Redondo Swap Meet, he sells and makes things. He made this wallet and when he saw me gushing over how cute it was he gave it to me. So now I have a new wallet.

This was at this really amazing Vintage store off of Hermosa beach. This little booth I was in had tons of cute strawberry themed items including a vintage Strawberry Shortcake wall clock that I wanted so bad, I just didn't know how I would have gotten it home. I ended up buying three different vintage fabrics 4 yards each. Also my dress, from the Fashion District.

At a different Vintage store I picked myself up a new purse and hat. I also bought a purse for Gloria since I was in California for her birthday. I don't think the purses were actually vintage (though the hat definitely was), but they were cute so I didn't really care.

One of my last stops in LA was the Daiso store. I'm not sure how to describe it aside from kinda the Japanese version of the 99 Cent store, except most things are 1.50$ and a few things are much higher. It was so much fun! There was a wall of unique socks and the hardest thing I ever did was narrow my choices down to two. Eyelashes, stationary, nail polish that works quite well. I also bought a BB Cream at the grocery store next door.

 On our way out I found a HI-CHEW car! AWESOME!

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