Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All The Random Pictures

 Grandma holding her puppy Bobby, Mom with Brandy, me with Holly, they are my moms dogs.

I tried to snap a lot of pictures in LA for you all, but sometimes there weren't enough for a whole post or they just didn't really fit anywhere else. So here are some random pictures from my trip to Los Angeles.
 I adore Bobby! He's not your typical Chihuahua, he doesn't bark that much, he's super friendly, and doesn't have those buggy eyes typical of the breed. I think he looks like a mini-Basenji personally.

 Bobby really liked me too, the first thing he did when I got to LA was climb into my lap and fall asleep.

See! Isn't he adorable!

This is my cousin Cole, the last time I saw him I think he was 7 years old and maybe 3.5 feet tall. He likes baking pie, and he thinks a lot of the health stuff my family is into is bullshit as well. We got along just fine.

Coles mom, my Aunt Jill. She's our familys alternative health expert, they came down for the weekend to attend a free health seminar at a shop called Soothe Your Soul (not to be confused with Cleanse Your Soul, which I like much better).

 This one looks like nothing special, but the above picture is of Captain Crunch french toast. There are tons of good restaurants in LA, but very few are doing anything new or interesting for anything more then shock value. This was the only example I could find of fusion food done because it's just good that way.

There's this hill mom drives by to get to the beach, it's so amazing we took some photos there.

I bought these shoes at Target right before my trip to California. They turned out the be one of the best buys I ever made I wore them the whole time they were super comfortable.

 Moms friend Tracy doing what she does best, haul dogs around.

 Last but not least, this is Miss P (actually her name is Precious, but I hate that name) mom was house sitting for her owners. She's a super weird cat in that she hisses like crazy but she'll never bite you or scratch you on purpose. She dosn't like people much, but the last two days I was there I woke up her her in my face wanting a scratch. Like I said....weird.

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  1. The green dress turned out really well- it looks very cute with the straw hat. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your trip!