Wednesday, June 13, 2012

F(x) Music

About a year and a half ago my friend Shannon, who is always on top of popular Asian music showed me this music video (Nu ABO) by Korean girl group F(x) because he though I would like the costumes.

Needless to say I got pretty hooked, this video was a bit like crack to me. Cute girls, fun music, great costumes. For weeks afterwards I greeted Shannon with "Na na na na Nu ABO!" People thought we were crazy, but that's not really anything new.

The combination of Victoria, Amber, Crystal, Luna, and Sulli is a fun one. It looks to me as if they work hard but have a lot of fun as well and maybe that's the real reason I like F(x) so much. But the outfits do help I have to say, bright colors, fun styles, and WIGS! Oh yeah it's like someone asked themselves, "what kind of group will get Arika to watch our videos over and over again?" Well people you have the answer, no go and give me more of this!

This is their newest single "Electric Shock" just released from Korea, enjoy!

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