Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman + Daily Wear

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Now that I've seen both SWATH and Mirror Mirror I can say what I've suspected since I heard of these two films which is, I like Mirror Mirror better. Not that SWATH is a terrible movie, it's just the two are very different so I've decided to do a bit of a comparison.

Snow White: In MM she's plucky and sweet, in SWATH there's not much of a personality at all aside from wide eyed wonder of the word around her and they only ever call her Princess, they only reason you even know her name at all is because of prologue at the beginning of the movie. In MM she runs away and gets trained to fight by the dwarfs. In SWATH she was locked up in a tower since she was 10, she runs away and is constantly getting saved until she dies, is resurrected, and suddenly she's leading troops into battle. I don't know about you but I wouldn't follow an anemic, malnourished Princess into a fight. It's bit like Kristen Stewart never moved on from her character in Twilight. On the bright side she speaks blessedly little where as MM's Snow has several lines, most of which are uttered pretty in a sickly sweet unbelievable way.

The Dwarfs: In MM the dwarfs are bandits who were thrown out of the village as a product of racism, in SWATH they're are a noble race of miners dwindling out of existence. However in SWATH they used forced perspective and regular actors, where as in MM they used actual dwarfs. But here's the odd thing, in MM they get more lines, screen time, and each dwarf has their own distinct personality. SWATH had Nick Frost as a dwarf and I can't remember a single interesting thing he did.

The Queen: Ooh this is a tough one because I really liked Julia Roberts version of the Queen which she plays a bit like a spoiled child that's all grown up, but Charlize Therons Queen is deliciously wicked, plotting and killing people right from the get go. Her right hand man is her ever loyal and super creepy brother who usually does quite well at his job. Julia Roberts has a bumbling steward that can't do much of anything right.

In the end I liked both movies, but for different reasons, if you're put off by Kristen Stewart (for whatever reason), she doesn't actually seem to add or subtract much from the movie and it's mostly Charlize and Chris Hemsworth that carry the movie even though his character doesn't even get a name other then Huntsman. And we like Chris Hemsworth. Over here we like Tom Hiddleston better, but if Hiddlestons are thin on the ground we'll take Chris.

As you all know by now I do like to be on theme when I can, I wore my prairie dress to the movie and a big red rose my mom sent me for christmas. I think it's my first time wearing it.

I kept my makeup simple, using my regular foundation and Aromaleighs Ultra Resolution Powder in Clear, with AL Cherry Bomb blush just on the apples of my cheeks. On my lips is a combination of Morgana Cryptorias Luminous Lava, with a ruby gloss I got from my mom. When she gave it to me the lable had worn off, so my best guess is it's Wet n' Wild, but I don't know for sure.

 On my eyes is a light dusting on AL's Champagne Toast with no primer black liner, and white liner for the lower waterline.

 All in all it was very simple, but thanks to the bright bits of red, pretty striking.


  1. I would wear that red rose OUT if it were mine! I love roses in hair.

    Anyway, I know I'm late to the game but I saw SWatH for $2 the other night at the Arlington Draft House (which is awesome).

    I gotta say, I'm glad it was only $2. The special effects were good and every time Charlize Theron was on screen it was a joy to watch her chew up the scenery!
    But neither things could detract from an asinine plot FULL of plot holes (seriously when did Snow White suddenly go from slightly autistic to battle-hardened warrior?), a leading lady I couldn't give a crap about (Kristin Stewart looked less snow white and more wraith-like), and generally felt too long.

    In two months I won't even remember seeing this movie. I won't see it again and I would have been unhappy if I'd paid $10 to see it,
    but for $2....
    Not even Chris Hemsworth's 6 pack could save this movie :)

    1. For the most part I agree, even the costumes were not going to save this movie, though I did enjoy all the bird skulls they incorporated into the Queens outfits.

      Go see Mirror Mirror, you might like that one better. The costumes are preferable at least.