Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ILD: June 2012

As usual International Lolita Day June, was spent at the Starlight Parade. I pretty much gave up trying to take pictures of the parade itself, my camera just isn't up to the task, but I went with Brenna this year and we did a bit of a Food Cart crawl while we waited for the festivities to start.

Our first stop was to pick up some rosewater lemonade. I've been obsessed with finding good lemonade this summer and this one is at the top of my list so far.

Bulgogi tacos from Korean Twist, so delicious you have no idea.

Next stop was The Dump Truck which does dumplings!

 Aurg! I will eat you, carton and all.

We got several different types, they also serve dessert dumpling but they were out when we got there. Most of the dumplings I wasn't impressed with but they've got a bacon cheese burger dumpling that was pretty awesome.

On top of those we also got some hazelnut frozen yogurt with granola from Cool Harrys, and a crepe from Snow White Crepes. Later on when it got colder we also got some hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Brenna and I walked around before the parade started, going in stores and we bought some tea and strawberry sugar from The Spice and Tea Exchange, and taking pictures. We found some weird statues and I was like "BRENNA! Do that pose!"

And I did the same. Doesn't my purse make me look like I've got Micky Mouse feet? That's my new lolita skirt by the way, it's not finished yet, but I figured I'd wear it for the parade anyway.

Bonus!: No pictures of the parade, but here's a video of some Muppets in the Starlight Run.

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