Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Her to The Greek...Food

 When you're strange, no one remembers your name, when your strange!

Brenna got to choose dinner awhile back, she wanted Mediterranean, Greek, or something like that and I suggested A Touch of Athens a Greek restaurant in the heart of downtown Vancouver inside the historical landmark Hidden House. It took awhile to be seated, although there were plenty of seats available, but the house was working on a skeleton crew on a Friday night poor guys.

That's me up above with the owner in the background, a smoky voiced woman who sung in Greek later that evening. I'm not giving her the eye, I didn't even know she was behind me when this picture was taken.

Brenna has never had completely Greek food before, we ordered a bunch of appetizers as our dinner.

A plate with stuffed grape leaves, calamari, fetta and pita, with hummus and kalamata olives, and taziki dips. Brenna was so taken with the stuffed grape leaved covered in a delicate lemon sauce she bought an extra order of them to take home.

Lemon Potatoes, simple but tasty sprinkled with a dash of salt and I think rosemary.

Spanikopita! One of my favorite dishes ever, it's a spinach pie. Some recipes vary but almost all include spinach (of course), cheese, and egg. Mint Tea makes a version of it drizzled in olive oil and honey that is to die for. Touch of Athens version has more lemon to it for a wonderful tangy quality, though I'm not wild about it being served on top of a bed of wilted lettuce leaves.

Along with your food there was a Bouzouki player, belly dancing, and Greek music. I don't know if this is every night or just Fridays, but it was there and it was loud! It's a bit kitschy, and sometimes felt like the walls were closing in on me since the establishment was so small, but it's fun and the food is delicious and reasonable.

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  1. I love the shirt you are wearing in the first pic.