Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Wear: Otome Monster Mash

This was my first time getting to try Darling Girls Mommy Little Monster, Brenna got it as a free sample from the company, but she doesn't do dark colors so she gave it to me. I LOVE it! It's a dark cerulean blue with blue and purple glitter, so pretty. I decided to wear it because Brenna and I were roaming around Portland together this day. I picked up the dress at a Vintage shop while I was in Los Angeles. I ended up removing a piece of lace that was haphazardly sewn across the front bust line, looks kinda cute with my flattest petticoat underneath.

What I wore:
Boater Hat: The Village Hat Shop the band was altered by me.
Flower Accessories: My mom made it.
Necklace and Earings: Tarina Tarantino
Dress: Vintage 70's
Belt: LA Fashion District
Boots: Vintage 70's

On my eyes I used Darling Girls Mommys Little Monster, and Meows Oddity from their Carnival Collection. I also used Evil Shades Frostys Intervention as a highlight on the browbone but you can't tell. I've tried it several times and it just doesn't work well on me. And then I used some black eyeliner on my upper and lower waterline.

On my face along with my regular foundation is Aromaleighs Peaches n' Cream finishing powder and Meows Iced Watermelon blush. In the close up pictures I'm wearing Morgana Cryptorias Quark, and in the full length picture I'm wearing Morganas Galaxy gloss. I didn't end up liking either of them with this look.


  1. I adore this look! The blue is stunning and you make the lines so straight. Jealous! BTW I think a plain lip would look best because the eye make-up is so impressive.

    1. Yeah I agree, plain lip, but I thought a light color could have worked too. I was wrong...