Monday, June 4, 2012

It's All Happening at the Zoo

I haven't been to a Zoo in years, though a lot of people think of zoos as animals prisons I tend to like them but it's often too loud, crowded, or sticky. No reason to worry about it this day, we got drenched (is always rains on my birthday), but the good news is that because of the weather and lack of people maybe of the animal exhibits were pretty active.

EVERYTHING IS BEARS! There were three black bears out and about, we got to see them fighting a bit over a branch one of them pulled down.

The bald eagles in this exhibit were rescues unable to live a full life in the wild.

A Black Ibis, this was a hard photo to get, these birds do not sit still. There was a large group of white ones who kept jumping around and squawking.

The sea lions floated lazily near the glass. I think they were enjoying the sounds of raindrops on the water above them.

Porcupines are one of the oddest species I've ever seen. The longer you stare at a live one the more you think to yourself, "how does something like that evolve"?

Randall is COVERED IN BIRDS! This is the Lorikeet pen, Randall brought two feeding cups for them and since he was the only thing in there with food they swarmed him.